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Just Few Steps Away to Get Dubai Visa With UAEOnlineVisa.com
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You need to apply for a visa, if you want to go to Dubai due to holiday, business, meeting, education or any other purpose. If you are too busy to manage your visa or passport request, UAEOnlineVisa.com makes it easier for people around the world to get the Dubai visa. You can apply for Dubai visa online at our website. All you need to do is to send a valid copy of your passport and photo. It will take 3 to 4 working days to process your application and get your Dubai visa ready. The passenger can travel Dubai from any country by carrying visa obtained from us. 
The process is very simple, hassle free and very efficient.

Step 1: Determine your type of  Dubai visa 

UAE Online Visa provides 6 types of Dubai visa, understand your needs and choose one which is most convenient for you. Following are the types of  visa.

  • 7 Days Visa: This visa is valid for 7 days availed by passenger, having a short term visit to Dubai. The validity of this visa is 7 days.
  • 14 Days Visa: This visa is issued for 14 days and it allows visa holder to stay in Dubai for 14 days. The visa holder must not exceed the staying limit of maximum 14 days.
  • 30 Days Visa: This form of Visa allows the applicant to stay in Dubai for a period of 30 days from the date of entry to Dubai. It will take around 3-4 working days.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa: This form of visa allows the applicant to visit Dubai multiple times in a month and it is valid for 58 days from the date of issue.
  • 90 Days Visa: This form of visa is issued for longer stay. It allows the visa holder to stay in Dubai for 90 days. The visa holder must not exceed the staying limit of maximum 90 days.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa: If you want to visit Dubai frequently, then this visa is appropriate for you. With this form of visa, you can visit Dubai multiple times in the period of 90 days.

Step 2 : Dubai Visa Processing Fees

As per your choice customer can apply for his visa to Dubai i.e. Normal Visa, Express Visa and Urgent visa. Choose which best suits for you. It may vary in processing time and a little bit in price.

  • Normal Visa: This visa service appropriate for someone who have sufficient time to get his Dubai visa. Within 3 to 4 working days, you can receive your normal visa with fixed charges.
  • Express Visa: This form of visa is convenient for those applicants who want to visit Dubai as soon as possible. Get your Express Dubai Visa in just 1 to 2 working days.
  • Urgent Visa: With UAE Online Visa, you can apply for this visa, if you want to visit Dubai very urgently. In just 24 hrs and by paying an extra amount than Express Visa, you can obtain Urgent Dubai Visa.

Step 3 : Submit all mandatory documents

UAE Online Visa process a visa to go to Dubai with minimum documentation.

  • Color scan copy of valid passport with validity 6 months
  • Color scan copy of passport size photo with white background

Step 4 : Make Payment

Pay the required visa rate for Dubai. Further process will be done only after the submission of the visa fees. Requirements/Fees related to the processing of your application may change from time to time.

Step 5 : Get your visa

After submitting all the required documents along with applicable charges. Priority to process an application is depends on processing mode you selected. When immigration approves your visa we can send it to you via email. Visa processing may take 3 to 4 working days.
If you have any queries please feel free to contact with UAEOnlineVisa.com Our support team is always available to solve your problems.



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