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Dubai – The Rising Holiday Destination
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As we know Dubai has too much to do and see being an inspiring holiday destination every mile gives the best experience. The question is not about what to see or do in Dubai but it’s about how to make it more joyful and more wonderful.

  • A Sea Plane tour – This is the awesome sightseeing tour across Dubai's ever handling coastal and innovative skyline. You can hire a sea plane that gives an aerial sightseeing tour of this lively and fascinating city.
  • Relaxing on the beach – Dubai’s coastline has been enlarged by a series of man-made islands, so there are a lot of restaurants with private beaches underneath the skyscrapers.
  • Get to know about heritage – The Emirate has a proud history that stretches back far before the discovery of oil. The area around Deira and Dubai Creek provides an atmospheric journey through the eras.
  • The Burj Khalifa – Get astonishing view of world’s highest observing deck in the late afternoon is the prime time as you get to see Dubai in the day, twilight and night.
  • Eat more in Dubai – Dubai’s fine dining scene continues to develop and complemented by visitors for its authentic tastes from all over the Middle East. It’s another of the surprises on a Dubai holiday.
  • Dune bashing – Journey into the Dubai desert in a four-wheel drive and increase around the orange sand dunes. It’s really beautiful and at the same time it’s seriously exhilarating.
  • Abu Dhabi – This capital city is an ode to Arabian tradition, its souks and palaces reflecting the classic style of the region. It’s a perfect day trip for anyone fascinated by heritage, record-breaking attractions such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Ferrari World & Emirates Palace.

Dubai immerses you in its distinctive world and you can explore entirely in different atmosphere. Each of the Emirates make you delight in their variety and give you fresh experience during your Dubai holidays.

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