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Obtain Flawess Dubai Visa Service With
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Are you visiting The UAE 1st time? Don’t worry, is here to help you. They provide entire Dubai visa info and guide you at every single phase of the visa obtaining process. The UAE Online Visa gives you standard quality Dubai visa service. They offer you different category of visa with the best deals. Within 3 to 4 business days, they can deliver your visa to Dubai. With UAE Online Visa, customer can assure to get his Dubai visa within a time.
Normally, the visa obtaining process depends on the applicant’s nationality. If he belongs to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, then he does not need to apply for his Dubai visa as well as  the nationality of passenger belongs to 33 countries, can receive his visa on arrival time at Dubai International airport.

Types Of Dubai Visa

With UAE Online Visa, customers can apply for any type of Dubai visa that are mentioned below.

  • 7 Days Visa: This form of visa is appropriate for one who have a plan for the small UAE trip.
  • 14 Days Visa: If the visitors want to travel to The UAE for 2 weeks for the purpose of a business or vacations, then 14 Days UAE visa is a good option for them.
  • 30 Days Visa: Want to visit UAE for a longer stay i.e. up to 1 month?  Then, Choose 30 Days visa for Dubai
  • 90 Days Visa: If a vacationer wants to enjoy his Dubai holidays for an extended period, i.e. up to 90 days, then this form of visa is a better option for him.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa: If you are planning about the multiple visits to The UAE in the period of 1 month, then can apply for 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa: This type of visa is the appropriate and suitable for those travelers who want to visit the UAE for multiple times to complete their significant office work, business or another.

Dubai Visa fees

Generally, Dubai visa fees belongs to the type of visa you are going to select and the urgency of receiving it. With, you may get 3 types of visa fee structure that are given below.

  • Normal Visa: It is a good option for those applicants who have an excess of time to obtain your Dubai visa. The applicant can receive this visa within 3 to 4 business days with an affordable price.
  • Express Visa: This type of visa is beneficial for you, if you are planning to visit The UAE quickly. By paying some extra charges, you can receive your Express Dubai Visa within 48 hours.
  • Urgent Visa: Want to Visit The UAE very urgently? No need to worry, UAE Online Visa brings an Urgent Dubai Visa for you. You may obtain your Urgent Dubai Visa in just 24 hours with more rates than Express Visa.

Save Money with OTB Status

OTB stands for ‘Ok To Board’. Basically, It is a process of authorization of your Dubai visa and it is compulsory only for  the people who belongs to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal or India. The authority of United Arab Emirates decided to begin Ok To Board Service by reason of they found that many travelers  from these nations visited to the UAE with a fake visa.
To receive an OTB status on your visa, you can send your valid Dubai visa copy to the respective airline. The airline will twice verify your visa details and update it with OTB stamp.

Bottom Line

The is the most advanced Dubai visa agent that gives a better quality and hassle free Dubai visa service for you and develop your visa very quickly. They provide all types of UAE visas with the great deals. With UAE Online Visa, you can update your visa to Dubai with Ok To Board status without paying any OTB charges.



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